POS stands for Point of Sale.With the increased volume of Debit, Credit Cards, Cash & Gift Cards that pass through your business every day, you will be happy that you chose Hi-Tech Solutions to help you find the solutions that fit YOU best! Why would I choose a fancy POS System over a good ole cash register you ask? How about Better Control of Your Business and Increased Sales! Accountability, tracking, labor management, efficiency and speed of service offer YOU more customer transactions, shorter lines and a profitable system that will pay for itself in months (not years), to aid your continued achievements and happiness! 

Since you have an ambition to be the most successful in your industry, a top concern is Speed-of-Service! Imagine this: You visit a restaurant when you are hungry. The second you exit your vehicle, that aroma … that scent … you are overwhelmed. Your hunger has become even more intense. You just can’t wait to eat! And after you are seated, you wait … & WAIT. One of the top complaints of any restaurant (not using Hi-Tech Solutions) is that it takes too long for the food to come out of the kitchen. Regardless of how good the food tastes, you are even hungrier by the time you get your food, thus resulting in an overall unhappy dining experience. Worse yet, the order delivered to your table is NOT what you asked for! This is usually a result from misread handwriting on the order ticket.
Okay, stop imagining. Let your friends at Hi-Tech Solutions assist you in your success and Speed-of-Service with accurate and legible input on your customized Point of Sale System!
Win repeat business with a staff that offers first-class customer service! Because your POS System is easy to learn and use, it will enable your staff to spend more time providing excellent service to your customers, giving them a new favorite place to call their own.
Proper inventory control allows you to better understand what you have on hand while reducing the frequency of physical inventory counts, offering you lower labor costs and increased time to focus on other aspects of your business, like customer service. In a Restaurant environment, how much food do you think gets served without ever being paid for? By properly using your POS system, you can make sure nothing comes out of the kitchen without having been added to the guest check.
Won’t it be great when you know exactly when to schedule staff based on hourly volume reports? Controlling labor properly can help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.
What is that you say? The Payment Card Industry has developed a set of standards that merchants must follow to maintain PCI compliance. Failure to do so can result in increased cost, or even fines, particularly in the event of a security breach. Not only that, but the rules keep changing as thieves develop ever more sophisticated ways to get at your sensitive data. Some businesses were forced to close their doors after their system was breached, due to exorbitant fines, and damaged reputation in the community. Don't let this happen to you! While no one can guarantee your system to be impenetrable, you don’t have to face the issues alone. We will work with you to help you offer a more secure place of business for your customers.
Offer your name & number today and one of our helpful staff will arrange a time to meet face-to-face, to discuss your concerns and desires.